“Sunday Tournaments” are back!

My Warriors,

Summer is coming! Warm blood means warm battles! I know your blood commands you to fight again and again, so I decided to organize tournaments for you every Sunday. Show me the best of yourself and if your fights please me, I will reward you! Do honor to your rank, Warriors, and fight!

  • Tournaments every Sunday!

Every Sunday, take part in the Moonga tournaments during the whole day! Every player is free to take part in 1, 2 or even 3 tournaments.

  • Prizes

The players ranked in the Top40 of the leaderboard will receive:

1st : 1 special “Tournament” card + 2 boosters + 500 Copper Coins
2nd : 2 boosters + 500 Copper Coins
3rd : 1 booster + 500 Copper Coins
4th & 5th : 2 random cards + 500 Copper Coins
6th to 10th : 1 random card + 500 Copper Coins
11th to 40th : 100 to 250 Copper Coins

  • Timetable and duration

The tournaments will take place at the times given in the table below and will last 2 hours each. The prizes will be distributed to the winners on the following Monday.

US Pacific Time
(PST / GMT-8)
US Easter Time
(EST / GMT-5)
(JST / GMT+9)
11:00pm (sat) 02:00am 08:00am 03:00pm
06:00am 09:00am 03:00pm 10:00pm
01:00pm 04:00pm 10:00pm 05:00am (mon)
  • To take part

No need to register to take part in the tournaments! You just have to play during the times given above. You will automatically get tournament points that will help you to reach the top of the tournament leaderboard! You will also earn ELO points.

  • Point System
Win +5 points
Loose +1 point
Draw +3 points
Conceded -5 points
Win by forfait +1 point (+1 additional point per round started)

Fight with honor, wolves!

Blood for the Blood,
Sadi Weaver of the Ages

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