Player focus – Number 6 : Zurc7

The 6th page of the player focus : Zurc7 !

The player

When and how did you get into Moonga’s World?
It was back when the game was first starting off. I think I joined right around the two week release. I don’t remember exactly how, other than I searched in the Apple store

How did you choose your nickname?
Old Habit. I normally pick Zurc7 or such. But sometimes use Zerotheta.

On which platform(s) do you usually play?
Ipod (though a computer app might be a good idea)

When do we have the best chances to meet you in game?
I am on at the most random of times, but I am on right around 11am EST, 2pm EST, or 6pm EST to like 12am EST

If you could ask a favor to Sadi, what would it be?
Think you could start to prevent certain card combos? You did it with Mischievous Fairy after that fiasco.

If you could change a card, which one would it be and why?
Guardian of the Source of Life I would change to 2/2/2 and his ability to read “Your health at the end of the round is equal to what your health was at the beginning. Direct Damage still goes through.” Or Change the PP cost 1 or 2 so it actually has a pay cost

If you could leave a message on the answering machine of Moonga’s creator, what would it be?
Hey Guys, Brilliant idea, and I am very glad you are building up the community. Keep it up!

In few lines

What do you like most about Moonga?
From the beginning I loved the idea and the ability to build so many different decks. Now getting back into it, the card art has been getting attention, as well the community part. The chat room was a nice addition (even if very few use it on the American server)

If you had to change or add something to Moonga, what would it be?
I would not add anything except more balanced cards, but I would definitely change the way battles and ELO take place. That way a low ELO (1400’s) does not end up fighting a high ELO (1700’s) and get his bum handed to him. That was one of the things that always bothered me, the ELO system was not how it was supposed to work.

What are your favorite cards?
Kingdom of Waters Court (Great Detail), Knight of Shadows (Great art and effect), Al’zadorr, El-Sendan Sorcerer (he had a quote before that was just powerful), Juzil Genius (one of my first cards), and Adoh the Light (Card art, Balanced I think, and A card I still wish I could of gotten)

What combo do you prefer?
I am trying to work on a good, Clean, Combo, even though I do have Howling Crirawin and Chilling sky in one deck. But I also play Musician of the Magic Flute, Birds Manipulator, Knight of Shadows, Invasive Terror and trying to find a good fourth Attack spell.

Who is your favorite illustrator?
They are all good, so why limit?

If you could create your own card, how would it be?
I was thinking about that the other day. I had it something like:
• Water Alchemist (rare)
• 4/3/2 (cost 1 PP) water/ either
• affinity: Human
• Ability: (affinity) your opponent loses 1 PP; Elemental (Water: Fire) Your opponent takes 2 direct Damage
Or something close to that. I had a whole double element thing going, and double abilities playing off affinity and elemental

Which deck do you like to play most and why?
I have to play the Howling Crirawin, Angelical Guardian, Master Animalier, Knight of Summer, and Chilling Sky to keep with anyone, but I am trying out the Deck I said in the combo section and I also have a few other decks in hiding till I think they could work.

Tell us about one of your best battles.
I beat Caliboy Once on a lucky game. He probably doesn’t remember, but he was second or third in leader and I was low. I mean very low, and I won. That was one battle. Another was not a single battle, but it was the first tournament I took part in. it was not the first tournament ever, but it was a fairly recent one, and I only used one of my other decks, and won three games in a row, and ended up actually winning a card from the results. Was happy about that one.

Your Moonga likeness

If you were a rarity, which one would it be?
I’d say mythical but that seems selfish. But Rare would be a good one, since I’m unique and different
If you were an element, which one would it be?
Water and Ether, and yes I would be both.
If you were a creature of Moonga, which one would it be?
Human from Itlan or Lymronia
If you were an emotion, which one would it be?
Curiosity. Wait does that count?
If you were a place in Moonga, which one would it be?
Lymronia; I love the elements.

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